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tiny games with
gigantic impact

01. about

We create bite-sized video game experiences that act as medical screening tools for degenerative health conditions.

Using innovative pose-estimation technology and cameras, we make your movement the controller - creating new ways of immersing you in our experiences.

We take inspiration from the video games of yesteryear and write our narratives to be bite-sized and episodic to keep you engaged and entertained.

Our gameplay mechanics are designed to mesh your daily activities with our experiences making them easy to pick up and play.

Life is not a game.
Still, in this life,
we choose the games
we live to play.

― J.R. Rim

02. contact

please send an e-mail at the address provided below or feel free to use the form.

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St Paul's Creative Centre
200 Pulteney Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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+61 403 781 397

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